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The Contract


More Money, Less Hassle.

With all the paperwork that goes into ensuring a smooth property sale closing, it’s easy to get discouraged selecting a new Home Inspector.
Not to worry, WE Inspect, LLC is prompt, honest and professional providing a competent home inspection report for our client.
For peace of mind, our insurance provides referral party indemnity coverage or “Limited additional insured”.
“Limited additional insured” is defined as a referring real estate agent, real estate broker, mortgage lender, relocation company or other relevant third party referral source as respects liability arising solely from your performance or failure to perform “inspection services”.


WE Inspect, LLC can assist you in marketing. 

My associate Residential Warranty Service offers 12 month home warranties.  Your client can get an additional 6 months if they use WE Inspect, LLC for their home Inspection. 



WE Inspect, LLC also uses Residential Warranty Service's for a "RecallTrak" service.  This service provides a monthly newsletter to the client. It will focus on home owner tips, appliance recall information and resource contact information for home related questions.


This newsletter that can be used to co-marketing our businesses. Your profile and image will be clearly visible to highlight your business to help you stand out as a professional.

RecallTrak Agent Marketing

Applica Marketing

APPLICA's marketing automation tools are built with personalization analytics that will enable you to engage clients with custom branded:

  • automated social media postings.

  • interactive eNewsletters that provide personalized reminders & tips.

  • automated web enhancers.

  • mobile apps

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